Imperfections of a DJ

We don’t know
especially vulnerability
when we should..
Surrounded by a pull and tug
with a deep breath and shrug
We sit down on Sunday’s
In terms of wanting to backup
Everything we say
The booth to the floor
Especially driving in a car
Vulnerability is everything we have to overcome
In time, while in life
All I have is everything my family taught me..
As a determined individual we arrive in a position
That never needed any consideration
Know one drove and directed the path the way you did
know one but you was daring
know one but you was spontaneous
know one but you, realized
how you envisioned this
You envisioned everything
Even when guarding your heart in a personal way
But given your heart and passion to a art form that’s a one way…
Were not here to be on pause
But consume everything at every second
Looking at 200 people is not nervous
But a 1 on 1 relationship is most
The vulnerablity is not easy…
Its a farmers gate at the dirt path with a lock that’s battered in…
Believe vulnerabilty in imperfections is a path you walk down,
single and dating
a couple
a fiance
a wife
a husband
a family
Vulnerability is what we have and a gate to let it in.
This is my Vulnerability in a relationship, I am imperfect in holding hands.

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